2017 donors helped make a groundbreaking year. Thank you!

Major Benefactors: Sylvia & David Batchelder, Rodney G. DeHaven Fund - a Donor Advised Fund of the Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Mt. Gretna Arts Council, Drew & Sue Hostetter, The Pennsylvania Chautauqua & The Mount Gretna Outdoor Art Show, The Thomas A & Georgina T Russo Family Foundation

Benefactors: Jennifer Veser Besse, Robert J & Patricia G Hershock,, Susan Howard, The Edward and Helen Oppenheimer Foundation, Irwin & Sue Richman, David & Susan Wood, Katherine Niven, Eloise Wood

Advocates: Carol Brightbill, Trevor and Issa Dixon, Evelyn Koppel & Sid Hostetter, Dan Liberatore, Terry & Shirley Miller, Regina Snowden

Backers: Good's Tree CareGretna Timbers, David Bronstein, Daniel Chen, Matt Chambers, Peter Danko Design, Mary Dunn, Carl Ellenberger, Phil & Liz Geiger, Deborah Kahn, Don & Vicky Kensinger, Elizabeth Todd Lambert & Michael W. Lambert, Mark Lewis, Edward and Patricia Lentz, Karen and Stanley LewisYing Li, Jeff Marshall, Jay Noble & Heidi Leitzke, Myron & Zola Noble, Julie Purcell, Lou Schellenberg, Eric Silver (Blue Ridge Paint),Ellen Simpson, Chris Semergieff, Mike & Tina Shank, The Sweeney Family, Bob & Patsy Oburn, Robert Werbicki, John David Wissler, Michael Wong

Fans: Anonymous, Kurt Van Gilder & David Benner, Geri Benseman, Deborah Bertolet, Kevin Brady, In Honor of Roscoe Briody, Norman & Aline Brosseau, Sally Brunner, Julia Bucher & Bill Barlow, Joshua & Sara Cole, Sarah D'Ambrosio, Shayna Denburg, Travis DiNicola, Edward Gibble, Eric Hinkley, Sheila Jackson, Jason Lipow, Nicholas Stellhorn, Amber Martin, John McIntyre, Rob & Sandy Moritz, Tom Muldoon, Fred & Jan Opalinksi, Kristen Thomas & David Francis, Bobbie Warshaw & Paul Heise, David & Jan Weaver, Bill & Linda White, Rita Whitney

*Donors listed contributed to our fiscal year end August 31st 2017.  Some donors may not yet be listed or are anonymous.


2016 Donors will be listed soon!

With a mix of a $300,000 capital campaign donors and a $30,000 annual fund compiling thankyous will take more time.  Plus we're planning a donor engraving for the Artist Cottage in June.  Lots of details. Bear with us.

Thank you to everyone that is helping to make the summer session of 2015 happen! 

Major Benefactors: Sylvia Batchelder, Thomas A and Georgina T Russo, MT Gretna Community Trust to Preserve the Arts

Benefactors: Anonymous, Trevor & Issa Dixon, Ellen McCabe, The Pennsylvania Chautauqua Foundation/The Outdoor Art Show, Pat and Bob Hershock, Purpose 1 Visual Marketing Group (Dan Liberatore), Susan and David Wood

Advocates: Anonymous, Bill Gifford and Elizabeth Hummer, Pat and Dan Hottenstein, Shirley and Terry Miller, Regina Snowden, Irwin & M. Susan Richman, Jennifer M. Schlener & Roy Thomas

Backers: Martha Armstrong, Jennifer Veser Besse, Deborah J. Bertolet, David Bronstein D.O., Emi Snavely and Carl Ellenberger, Meredith Griffin, Barbara Grossman, Gil Feinberg & Nadeen Van Tuyle, Karl & Linda Gettle, MT. Gretna Entertainment Inc./MT. Gretna Hideaway, Madelaine Gray Photography, George and Assya Nick, Jay Noble & Heidi Leitzke, Myron and Zola Noble, Ja Young Lee, Karen & Stanley Lewis, In memory of Christopher Ostoj, Bob and Brenda Phillips/Robert J. Phillips State Farm Insurance, Charles C. & Marla L. Pitt, Celia Reisman, Lou Schellenberg, Chris Semergieff, Joanne & Kevin Sweeney, Ben and Kara Teyssier

Fans: Anonymous, Geraldine Benseman, Mark Brosseau, Barbara and Richard Close, Jim & Shirley Corbett, Larry & Sandra K. Hall, Andrew Leitzke, Jeffrey L. and Cheryl L. Lichtenstein, Dave Julio, Rita King, Sarah C. Marisic, Jeffrey S. Marshall, Justin McClure, Virginia K. Minnich, Mount Gretna Campmeeting Association, Ellen and Thomas Nicholas, Marjori Portnow, Sneigocki Weaver Financial Services, Nicholas Stellhorn, Donna and Bill Sturgis, Roberta Warshaw & Paul Heise

In Kind Givers of goods and services: Madelaine Gray (art show tents and pro-panels), Dan Liberator (Storage), Kathy Snavely (welcome dinner and ongoing deserts), Plein Air Camp Hill (Booth Space)

Donor acknowledgments will be added periodically for fiscal year ending August 31st, 2015.  Donors to the Artist Cottage capital campaign are not yet reflected on the website.

Big thanks to our summer of 2014 donors!

Major Benefactors: Sylvia Batchelder, Thomas A and Georgina T Russo, MT Gretna Community Trust to Preserve the Arts

Benefactors: Anonymous, Pennsylvania Chautauqua Foundation, The Mount Gretna Arts Council, Purpose 1 Visual Marketing Group (Dan Liberatore), Irwin and Susan Richman, Watie White Charitable Fund, Susan and David Wood

Advocates: Regina Snowden, Jay Noble and Heidi Leitzke

Backers: Jennifer Veser Besse, Ron and Twila Beahm, David Bronstein, Kanghee Cho, Bob Colman, Barbara Grossman, Ted and Trish Houser, Elizabeth D. Hummer, Michael W. & Elizabeth Todd Lambert, Linda LeFevre, Karen and Stanley Lewis, Ben Lowery, George and Assya Nick, Myron and Zola Noble, Lou Schellenberg, Joanne C. Sweeney, Robert Werbicki, Danielle Yates

Fans: Sara Baghdadi, Tim and Nancy Baum, Mia Buonaiuto, Lois K. Herr, Ja Young Lee, John M. McIntyre, Quinn McNichol, Stephanie Morales, Thomas and Ellen Nicholas, Rebecca Runkles, Joanne and Paul Servansky, Maya Webber

In Kind Givers of Goods and Services: Bill Barlow (architectural services), Madelaine Gray (studio space), Richard Grimes (legal services), Barbara Grossman (lecture, critiques and drawing instruction), Deborah Kahn (lecture and crits), Dan Liberatore (display panels and storage), John M. Hess Auction Services (art auction fundraiser), Lancaster Galleries (gallery use for art auction fundraiser), Mount Gretna Outdoor Art Show (booth space)

Some donors have not yet been listed.  This fiscal year donor list was for fiscal year ending August 31st, 2014.  Donors to the Artist Cottage capital campaign are not yet reflected on the website.

Thank you to our 2013 inaugural year donors below!  You helped start an art school!

Major Benefactors: Anonymous, Thomas A and Georgina T Russo

Benefactors: Sylvia Batchelder, Pat and Bob Hershock, Drew and Susan Hostetter, Evelyn Koppel and Sid Hostetter, Mt. Gretna Arts Council, Jay Noble and Heidi Leitzke, Myron and Zola Noble, Pennsylvania Chautauqua, Purpose 1 Visual Marketing Group (Dan Liberatore), Irwin and Susan Richman, Susan and David Wood

Advocates: William Barlow, La Cigale (John and Nancy Mitchell), Dorothy Frey and David Fisher, Regina Snowden

Backers: Kathe Albrecht, Martha Armstrong, Jennifer Veser Besse, David Bronstein, Daniel Chen and Todd Kelly, Bob Colman, Ruth Miller Forge, Glenn Goldberg, Madelaine Gray, Barbara Grossman and Charles Cajori, Amber Jacobs, Deborah Kahn, Catherine King, Ted and Trish Houser, in honor of Christopher L. Ostoj (Scott Listfield),  Karen and Stanley Lewis, Lee Noble, Justin D. McLure, Celia Reisman, PA Landscape Group Inc., Robert J. Phillips State Farm Insurance, Eric Silver, Lou Schellenberg, Caroline F Su and Fred Draper, Ben and Kara Teyssier, Steve Teyssier, Bill and Linda White, John David Wissler

Fans: Emmalee Abel, Nancy Abel, Ruth Bernard, Nevin L Beyer, Robert and Blair Birmelin, Ashley and Jasen Book, Glen Cebulash, Gilbert S. Feinberg, Mark Gottsegen, Goods Tree Care, Barbara B Grandia, Ike and Tina Hay, Lois K. Herr, Ellie King, Tony Lardarello, Emil and Rita Lazur, Joren Lindholm, Andrew F. Leitzke, Matthew and Tai Lipan, John M. McIntyre, Kathleen Q McNichol, Thomas and Ellen Nicholas, Chris Drinkut and Sarah Noble, Charlene Renollete, Diana Roberts, Amber Sander, Amber Scoon, Evan Stallone, Nick D. Stellhorn, Kathleen Wall, Jenny  Wu

Additional thanks to the school's inaugural instructors, critics, and lecturers who donated program services totaling $9700 to help boost this startup summer.   

Michael Allen, Bill Barnes, Victoria Barnes, Ruth Bernard, Aaron Brooks, Linda Carey, Tim Conte, Glen Cebulash, Dorothy Frey, Stanley I Grand, Al Gury, Deborah Kahn, Heidi Leitzke, Barbara Grossman, Don Kimes, Jay Noble, Paul Manlove, Margaret Noel, Celia Reisman, Amber Scoon, Chris Semergieff, Kristina Valentine, Mark Webber, John David Wissler.

This list was for fiscal year ending August 31st, 2013.