MGSoA needs Co-op/Housing Leaders!  If you are 21 years old or older and interested in a work study scholarship discount for this service to the school click the appropriate box on the application when you apply for the Intensive Program and follow the instructions on this page.  These are first come first serve for qualified applicants and you are strongly encouraged to apply early (qualified returning students are given priority for these positions if interested). This is a great way to gain admittance to the program early. Currently this work study discount starts at $750 and may be increased based on a combination of the merit and need of the applicant.

There are about 4 co-op/housing leader work-study assignments, 2 male and 2 female (sometimes we also need additional backup alternates). 

Currently we need:

  • one female “backup” co-op leader.

  • one male “lead” co-op leader

  • one “male” backup.

Provide this form below to one of the 3 references indicated on your online application form to be a co-op leader.

All Co-op/Housing Leader applicants should complete the "Intensive Program" application first then submit the other necessary forms via email or on the application file upload field (mail is ok but the aforementioned online options are preferred).

Co-op/Housing leader application and forms are still being accepted.