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Free Children's painting lesson.

  • hall of philosophy Gettysburg Avenue Mount Gretna, PA, 17064 United States (map)

Children’s Art Workshop, by Sarah D’Ambrosio, Mount Gretna School of Art “Alum in Residence”).


Children to develop new skills, self-confidence, knowledge of art history.

For children to understand what makes a still life painting different from other types of painting.

Basic drawing and mixing skills.  Students go home with  a carnation craft project, a handout on important still life painters, and their still life painting.

Lesson Plan:

    10-15  minutes

Students will be shown examples of paintings of still lifes that include flowers.

Albert York, Jane Freilicher, Fantin Latour, Manet, Cezanne

25- 30 minutes

Students will create paper carnations and set up still life tables with other objects.

10 minutes

Students will start with  a sketch of the still life in front of them onto the paper making big general shapes of their set ups and ideas of overlapping and proportion.

Then students will begin painting from the still life they have created for the duration of the workshop.

Materials Provided:  washable paint will be used but a Smock or old cloths are suggested.

For Flowers:

Tissue Paper, Green Pipe cleaners, Scissors

Acrylic or  Tempera (non-toxic  paint )

Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, White, Black

-Brushes, -Paper  -Pencils, -Cups (for water )

-Brown paper for Tables

Other Various colorful Still life objects and cloths for set ups

This workshop is intended for children ages 6-12.  All children must be accompanied by an adult.  Attention and behavior are the responsibility of the accompanying adult(s) so that the instructor may concentrate on the lesson.